Rabbs "General Lee"

1/ Body
It's a 1980 Mk3 2 litre GL body with sunroof, all steel panels except GFK bonnet with Shelby Mustang bonnet pins, rear tailgate from Mk2 with no wiper, washer, or spoiler. The paint is Ford Carnival Red (orange) in the same shade as the original "General Lee". Light tan colour GL cloth interior, with standard 2-dial dashboard, rear roll cage fitted. The decals are all custom cut, 2 layer vinyl and are scale replicas of the TV series car. The Bull Bars are laser cut uprights & tubes welded up by Rabb, again exactly scaled down from the original TV car.
The front grille was designed and fabricated from black poly-coated steel mesh, complete with a steel centre splitter and chrome "Charger" emblem. Custom made cover for the radiator which is recessed into the modified slam-panel.
The bulkhead area had been modified for a previous 2 litre twincam (XE engine) and now provides space for the washer bottle & fuel filter, the scuttle panel vents now allow hot air to escape directly from the engine bay, there is no blower intake or cowl. The heater motor has been cut down to just a small box and 1 speed fan to clear the windscreen. The boot area has been modified with steel mounts for the fitted "Chip Foose" tool chest, Mac-Tools lightweight trolley-jack & and sound system amplifier & bass-box.

2/ Engine
Motor is a 1984, V8 3528cc (215ci) high compression Rover SD1 engine fitted with -- Up-rated (Tornado) camshaft and hydraulic followers.
Engine pulleys and water pump are from the P5B engine to keep the front compact. Fitted with Edelbrock 500 4bbl carburettor on an Edelbrock dual plane inlet manifold and the chrome air-filter has been autographed by Chip Foose.
Facet gold top fuel pump in the boot, Filter-King pressure regulator & internal fuel lines. The standard SD1 exhaust manifolds with slightly altered downpipes have been connected to a Janspeed Stainless Steel 2.8i Capri exhaust system.
Rover SD1 (early) electronic ignition pack & distributor, with Mallory 9mm ignition leads. Cooling is by Transit Di radiator, 2x 14 inch fans and an adjustable electronic sensor in the bottom hose with manual over-ride, and an aluminium expansion bottle.

3/ Front suspension
Altered crossmember now supports steering and suspension only, the engine mounts are directly on the frame rails, with fabricated brackets made by Rabb using the original Rover engine mounts. Laser legs fitted with HD 3 litre springs, with the TCAs relocated for added negative camber (like RS setting).

4/ Rear Suspension
2-litre axle 3.54:1 ratio, soon to be replaced with 3.09:1 LSD off a 2.8iS. 4-leaf heavy duty springs to hold the rear up nicely, and Monroe LL668 Loadleveller shox with coil spring assisters.

5/ Wheels & Tyres
Wolfrace 8jx13 slot mag alloy wheels, fitted with 205/60HR13 Federal tyres.

6/ Gearbox
Rover LT77 manual 5-speed Gearbox and hydraulic 9.5 inch clutch set-up, with custom made extended prop-shaft, mounted on self built rear cross-member, fitted full width across floor to the chassis rails for extra strength. Gearbox is fitted with a T-bar shifter off a Ford Autobox - the button is now used to power the "Dixie" horns !!

6/ Brakes
2 litre Capri master cylinder & servo, re-routed Copper alloy brake lines are now run inside the car, includes a "line-lock" valve on the front system, to allow burnouts !!!! 2.8i vented discs and calipers at the front, 9inch brake drums at the rear.

8/ Electrics
Total rewire, custom wiring loom built by Alan D Brown (owner of "Rumbly") 2 litre Ford Pinto alternator (55amp). Battery is now mounted in the rear and the main power cable has a "bus-bar" on the inner wing, 2 headlamp relays are now mounted in the much enlarged headlamp bowls, along with control relays for the marker lights, including a circuit to disable the front sidelights.
The front indicators are Land Rover 110 stop/tail units fitted with orange lenses, to give front markers, and are mounted into tubes in the front panel below a chrome Mk2 bumper. A single pair of H4 headlights are fitted, but the car is wired ready for a more normal quad system if required, they are recessed by 40mm into the headlamp bowls behind the flat black mesh grille. Rear lights are from Mk2 Capri.
Inside, the standard 2-dial dashboard is fitted, with added instruments and switchgear - A-pillar mounted Autometer "Monster" rev-counter with shift light, capillary oil gauge, Vacuum gauge, electric water temp gauge, and now 8 Capri switches under the radio - for the blower, cruise/marker lights, front side-lamp cancel, horns, fuel pump, rear fog, heated rear screen, and radiator fan override. There is also a push button for the starter. There is a CD/MP3 player radio, with rear amplifier and custom built bass box to be built, and of course, a Cobra 28X CB radio fitted, the antennae is on the tailgate deck.

And finally - the air-horns, correct and accurate with the full first 12 notes, made by WOLO, the original suppliers for the genuine "Dukes of Hazzard" General Lee, bought from J C Whitney in USA..

9/ Strange fact
The car is officially registered in Alabama/USA too - Rabb had to do this to get the genuine Alabama plates made for the car.. Interestingly, the American authorities were more than happy to accept the British registration into their system, now Rabb can drive his car with American plates and show his GB registration !!

Owner is Rabb McMillan - commonly known as "HillBilly", from the town of Lanark in Scotland he is a tec engineer at the local GM garage, and is a fully qualified MoT inspector.
Member of Capri Club Scotland
The car was included in a recent feature on our club in the August 2007 issue of "Classic Ford"